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Handmade, Natural, Luxury Body Care! #TreatYoSelf

Welcome back to my blog!

Since my last review, I have been on the hunt for natural, handmade products. I find joy in supporting businesses that care to make quality products with little to no added fillers.

When Aubria of The Preserve Company reached out to me to try some of her products, I jumped at the chance to do so. The Preserve Company makes handmade scrubs, bath teas, body butters, and candles! Today I bring you my thoughts on their most popular item, the ‘Lavendar Me in Vanilla’ body scrub. Read More »

Are Handmade Products as Effective as Store Bought Products?

Hi, my name is Lania and I am a former product junkie. I’ve shopped at major retail chains, beauty supply stores, high end stores, and online to find new and exciting products for my natural hair journey. I have purchased many different brands and all of them were from popular, well established companies in the natural hair community. It never crossed my mind to try something #handmade until Kai from Kinks By Kai reached out to me to review her 100% all natural hair butter. Check out what I discovered from using her Kinks By Kai Hair Butter below.

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