I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY!

I hae been MIA lately but I am back and hosting a giveaway!

YouTube has been taking up a lot of my time lately as I am trying to get that platform to soar! I am hosting a hair giveaway in this video and I would like to provide the same opporuity to you all.

This website was the first stop on my journey when I made the decision to document my thoughts, failures, and successes. I am eternally grateful for this platform and would like to thank each of you who helped me along the way.

I am giving away some of my favorite hair products so that your hair can be bomb too! In this hairkit there are products from Hairfinity, EdenBodyWorks, and ByMadeBeautiful.

The giveaway ends on March 18th. Be sure to enter before then via the rules in the description box of the video!




Happy New Year! New Year, New Goals!


Happy New Year to every one who is reading this! I hope 2017 gives you the jolt you need to do what is necessary to fulfill your goals and dreams.

I have been woking very hard these past couple of months since taking charge in late 2016 on how I am going to tell my story and help others tell theirs. I have been putting work on my Instagram, and finally started my YouTube channel (check out my latest video here) which I am so proud of because it took me FOREVER to get the courage to do so. But I did it and so can you!

I want 2017 to be MY year. No excuses, just work work work work work work *cue Rihanna music*.

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