About Lania


My name is Lania (pronounced luh_knee_uh) and I am a natural hair enthusiast who is passionate about beauty, fashion, fitness, and traveling! Since deliberately going natural in 2012 and big chopping in 2014, I have received countless inquires on my hair and how I manage to keep it #flawless through my daily life. I finally decided in October of 2016 to channel all of my passions into Lania Theresa to be of service to YOU!

I aim to empower women and men alike to embrace their natural self through providing advice, inspiration, and solutions to natural hair woes. I have worked to instill the thought that, #YesYouCan be natural and fabulous, be natural and workout, be natural and travel abroad, be accepted and naturally you in all areas of interest in your life.

This site is intended to be another resource for individuals interested in learning about different products, best tips and practices, and so much more! Feel free to reach out with questions and concerns.

Let’s go on a journey,

Lania Theresa