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Handmade, Natural, Luxury Body Care! #TreatYoSelf

Welcome back to my blog!

Since my last review, I have been on the hunt for natural, handmade products. I find joy in supporting businesses that care to make quality products with little to no added fillers.

When Aubria of The Preserve Company reached out to me to try some of her products, I jumped at the chance to do so. The Preserve Company makes handmade scrubs, bath teas, body butters, and candles! Today I bring you my thoughts on their most popular item, the ‘Lavendar Me in Vanilla’ body scrub.

Scrubs play a crucial role in my “me time” routine. I like to think of all of my worries and troubles melting away as I gently massage the scrub onto my body. This body scrub boasts many natural ingridients with lavender and vanilla being in the forefront. There are dried lavender buds mixed within and a blend of essential oils to help soothe and nourish your skin. For a full list of ingridients click here.

Handmade body scrub
Cute huh? 

The product comes in two sizes, 4 oz. ($20) and 9 oz. ($32). Upon opening the package, I was happily surprised to see it in a beautiful glass jar that can certainly be reused. The smell is gentle and soothing. This should come at no surprise since one of the many effects of lavender includes relaxation through the lowering of your heart rate and blood pressure. This is the perfect scrub to use during your down time.

I have been using this product for several weeks now. I use it as a lip scrub when needed. It helps to effectively buff away dead skin cells leaving my lips silky smooth. I use it prior to shaving my legs as well which creates the pefect canvas for a close, smooth shave.  For both of these occasions, I am using it on wet skin. The only time I take this product to dry skin is if I am buffing away at my heels that could stand the added friction.

 This product is not finely milled. It’s chunky and can be quite messy. Due to its natural texture and the oils present, it’s wise to take your time entering and exiting the shower. Do not use on sensitive areas.

body scrub

Overall, I would reccommend this product. It’s the perfect agent to get your skin in tip top shape for your summer debut. 

If you are interested in trying some of the many products the company makes, I have a coupon code for you! Use code Lania at checkout to receive 20% off  your purchase of $15 or more! I do not make any money off of this code, if you decide to use it it’s just to save you a few $$$. This code is valid until November 22, 2017.

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