Are Handmade Products as Effective as Store Bought Products?

Hi, my name is Lania and I am a former product junkie. I’ve shopped at major retail chains, beauty supply stores, high end stores, and online to find new and exciting products for my natural hair journey. I have purchased many different brands and all of them were from popular, well established companies in the natural hair community. It never crossed my mind to try something #handmade until Kai from Kinks By Kai reached out to me to review her 100% all natural hair butter. Check out what I discovered from using her Kinks By Kai Hair Butter below.

The product came in a pink drawstring bag and immediately upon opening it, I smelled the sweet smell of peppermint. I love the smell and adore it in my products! If you are less keen to it, don’t worry, the smell eventually fades.

Home made shea butter

The product was created with #NaturalGirls in mind. Whether you are transitioning or fully natural, this product can work for you. It claims to add moisture while simultaneously promoting hair growth, can be used on wet or dry hair, and is made with all natural products. The ingredients are as listed:

100% African Shea Butter

Virgin Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Peppermint Oil

My hair was SO DRY at the end of my previous style that I was amped to wash my hair and give this product a try. After shampooing and conditioning I used the L.O.C method, Leave-In followed by an Oil followed by a Cream. The cream in this case is the hair butter. FYI, I did not use this product on its own because I would never purposefully use a single product in my wash day routine and wanted to test it out true to how I would normally do my hair. 

Moisturized Twists
Super Moisturized Flat Twists
Chunky Flat Twist Galore

The twists dried perfectly and with no visible residue. This product plays nicely with other hair products!

Flat Twistout
Day 1: Defined and Shiny
Flat Twist Definition
Day 1 Hair: Styled
Twist Out
Day 5 Hair: Survived sweaty workouts throughout the week!


Mositurized hair does not break. Moisturized hair has the ability to retain length hence why a lot of products, including this one, state that they promote hair growth. While it will NOT have your hair growing at a faster rate than it currently does, it certainly can set you up for success on your #NaturaHairJourney.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using this product. The butter is soft and easy to use. It did a wonderful job keeping the mositure I applied to my hair, locked IN, until my next wash day. A little bit goes a long way! This product is only $8 and can be purchased here. It’ll definitely hold it’s own amongst my collection. If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below!

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