Natural Hair Clip-Ins

I’m having a HAIR SALE!

Hello Loves,

I have experienced a major #fail this week that could potentially be a win for you! I ordered some clip-ins from my FAVORITE natural hair site BohoExoticStudio. I have been buying and wearing hair from this brand for a while now (I have a review on my channel here.) So I knew it was going to be good quality.

But unfortunately, I got the wrong texture for my hair to wear as clip-ins. 😦

Here are the details:

4 oz of hair made into 8 pieces of clip-ins (Two 4 clips, Two 3 clips, and Four 1 clips)

The clip-ins are 12 inches when curly and much longer when straightened. (This hair CAN be straightened, though I did not straighten it, just stretched it to see it’s length.)

The hair has been dyed jet black.

I am selling it for $160 (I paid more than this). 

IMG_0908IMG_0907FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 18IMG_0922

The hair is very soft and can easily be managed with the tools provided.

This is an excerpt from their website:

“Also known as our Valley Curl, the 5mm curl is the 4a curl that has the kinky manageability your heart desires with its tight “S” and some “Z” coils. Perfect if you have completed the “Big Chop” and looking for a heat free break on your natural hair. This texture retains more moisture than the 4mm curl and has a visible curl pattern that is still kinky and yet more defined.”

Upon reviewing it I can say that it is not what I consider to be 4a hair (which I have) but more aligned with 3c/4a hair. It was too loose for me!

I washed the hair, and brushed it out a bit but I did not wear it as I realized it was not going to work for me afterwards. It will come with the original packaging, along with a brush, and a pick.

If these can work for you please email me at

I will pay for shipping to you provided you are in the USA.

It’s great hair! Just not for me at the moment.

Please share and spread the word!



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