New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 gives you the jolt you need to do what is necessary to fulfill your goals and dreams.

I have been woking very hard these past couple of months since taking charge in late 2016 on how I am going to tell my story and help others tell theirs. I have been putting work on my Instagram, and finally started my YouTube channel (check out my latest video here) which I am so proud of because it took me FOREVER to get the courage to do so. But I did it and so can you!

I want 2017 to be MY year. No excuses, just work work work work work work *cue Rihanna music*.

Starting January 1, 2017 I declare:

I will start early with planning and taking measurable steps.  I can look back on my journey and clearly see progression and areas to improve upon moving forward.

I will be realistic. It’s great to have big dreams but there are steps necessary to get from point A to point B. I need to be realistic and keep that in mind as I am working towards my ultimate goal.

I will define my ultimate goal! What am I working towards? I will write it down and speak it into existence.

I will focus on MY JOURNEY. I cannot stress this enough how important it is to not compare your current chapter to someone’s chapter 50. This can be very hard especially when I feel like I am doing everything right and it appears that others have it easy. I do not know the struggles and work behind someone else’s journey nor is it any of my business. Focus. On. Myself. MAJOR key.

I will reflect.

I will take ownership.

I am hopeful and excited for the new year! Feel free to use my declarations, adapt them to your situation or create your own.

Have a blessed and fruitful year!



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