Signs that you NEED to Replace your Beautyblender!

The beautyblender is a staple in the makeup community. In short, it is a multipurpose makeup tool that can be used for primer and foundation application, powders,  blushes, and essentially any other face product (I even like to use it to apply my highlight).

Read more about its cutting edge technique, how to use it, and what makes it unique here.

It is the original of its kind and on sale for $20. For a sponge that gets used A LOT and should optimally be replaced every other month but can go up to three months per bb, it can be pricey. I definitely understand wanting to stretch the use of the product but if you’re experiencing any of the following signs with your beautyblender, it’s time to get a new one love!

Below are notes that I personally took when recognizing the difference between a fresh beautyblender and one that needed to go!


When the sponge is no longer vibrant it’s time for another one! This may seem obvious but can be hard if you don’t have a spare in the house to compare it to. This was the case with me. I’d wash it after every use and would say, “IT’S STILL PINK, I’M GOOD” but it wasn’t until I bought a new one (because it had been three months) that I realized just how faded my beautyblender had gotten!

If it’s starting to look dull and if after cleaning, it appears to still have soap in it though you squeezed it all out, it’s time to chuck it!


When you get your hands on a fresh beautyblender, wet it, and squeeze for the first time, it is light as air! It’s like a cloud in your hand. Honestly…truly, one of the best feelings. As time progresses that softness disappears in my experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard and it’s still softer than the imitation sponges out there but it loses its bounce! Faithful beuatyblender users can back me up here!


An old beautyblender just DOES NOT get clean like a fresh one does. No matter how many times you use the blendercleanser solid, there’s always the appearance of makeup in the sponge. Honey you need a new one ASAP!


A fresh beautyblender will not tear and rip easily! If you’re roughly wringing it, or your nails get in the way then OF COURSE it’s going to tear! I have had the occasional “oops” I may have been too rough and it still stayed in tact. If I have any of those moments with a too old beuatyblender, I can guarantee it will rip and become useless.

Check out some photos below  between my old sponge and my fresh one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is it time for you to get another beautyblender? Let me know!



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