The Real on the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste on Type 4 hair!

Having good edge control is essential to any naturalista’s product collection. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it is a MUST HAVE and without it you are just not living up to your full potential.

Edge control allows for any hairstyle to be the main focus rather than the pesky flyaways that won’t cooperate! The beauty market understands this and this is why they’re SO many for you to choose from.

I tested out the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste by Curls that I received via a giveaway at an event I attended (got to love the #NaturalHairCommunity). I heard of this product via promotion from The GlamTwinz so I was excited to see what it could do.

The below excerpt is taken straight from Amazon , where you can read reviews from other customers and purchase it if you choose. I made annotations based off of my experience, in red, to each of their bullet points.

About the Product

  • Formulated with organic blueberry extract, argan oil (proven to encourage hair growth) mango, shea Organic is a key word in our community. The idea of not wanting to put anything harsh and UNnatural into our hair makes sense as we moved away from relaxers. For a full list of ingredients click here. While I cannot say at this moment if it’s going to make my hair grow like crazy, the possibility is enticing. 
  • Use this super sculpting pomade to enhance, define and hold your curls. This time around I used it solely as an edge control but you can also use it to define twists, braid outs, and other natural hair styles as stated by the brand. The consistency is very soft and almost cream like, so I believe this can be done without making your hair feel goopy. I have yet to do this but it is definitely on my agenda and I will update once I do.  It added shine and held my edges down without the use of a scarf! This is what amazed me, I did not need to put a scarf on to get the smoothness that I desired. 
  • NO sulfates, sillicones, parabens, artificial oils, colors or fragrances As far as the first 5 listed here go, I can attest that it is true. But colors & fragrance are listed as the very last thing in the ingredients list. So I am unsure as to exactly what they mean when they claim it is fragrance and color free. The paste itself is of a notable blue tint (playing off of the fact that it has blueberry extract no doubt) and it smells like the blue jolly rancher candy….So maybe they mean it’s not a prominent ingredient…? 
  • Curl’s Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste 4 Fl. Oz Sounds about right 😉
  • Effortless, frizz free curls for multi-ethnic woman and girls Multi-ethnic according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as “relating to or including people from many ethnic groups” simply put that anyone from ANY background can reap the benefits of this product.
  • Formulated with organic blueberry extract and argan oil to encourage hair growth They mentioned this above, clearly a selling point they want to hit home! 😉 
  • Sculpting shine pomade Very much true. See the photos below of how the product worked with my thick  4a hair! My edges felt so smooth and soft. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair! 

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You can purchase this product for about $12.00 from,, online and in stores at Target, Walmart, and Rite Aid. It’s pretty accessible!

I hoped you got something out of this review. Drop a comment down below to let me know of any questions or comments you may have regarding this product! I’ll be sure to answer them!



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